Conditions of Use
Instruction of withdrawal (revocation)

Right of (cancelling)
The contract can be revoked by the customer either in writing (e. g. letter, fax email), or, in the event that the item is transferred before the expiry of this revocation period by returning the item within 14 days. It is not necessary to name any reasons for this revocation. This deadline starts after receiving the instruction in text form, but in any event not earlier than the goods have received by the customer. In cases of repeated delivery of similar goods not until the first partial delivery and not until our duties of informing you according to article 246§312e in connection with §1 a 1.and 2 EGBGB and our obligations according to §312e a 1 s. BGB in connection with article 246 §3 EGBGB. In order to comply with the revocation period it shall be sufficient for the revocation or the item in question to have been posted within this period. Your cancellation is to be directed to the following address:

howa Spielwaren GmbH
Liebigstraße 4
96465 Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany
E-Mail: info(at)

Consequences of a revocation
In the event of a valid revocation the mutual services and products received and the possibly derived profit (e.g. interest rates) are to be returned. If you are unable to return the services or goods received in their entirety or at all or if you can only return them in a deteriorated state you are obliged to pay compensation to us accordingly. This is not valid in the case of a simple checking of the goods -which you would have done when purchasing in a store. You can avoid this obligation for the refund of the above mentioned diminishing of the value, if you do not treat the goods as your personal property and omit everything which reduces the value of the goods. Deliveries of goods in parcels can be sent back at our risk. The regular costs of return shipment may be imposed by contract on the customer if the price of the thing sent back does nor exceed an amount of 40 € or, if where the price is higher, the customer has at the date of revocation not yet rendered consideration or given a partial payment, unless the goods supplied do not correspond to those ordered. In all other cases sending back of the goods is free of charge for you. Things which cannot be sent in a parcel are picked up at your location. Payment obligations must be fulfilled within 30 days. The deadline starts for you with mailing of your declaration of cancellation or the commodities, for us it begins with receiving this declaration or the goods.

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions are always an integral part of the contract, which you have recognized when placing your order with us.

Consequences of a revocation, payment agreement
Exercise your right to cancel, you have to pay the regular cost of the return if the delivered goods ordered and if the price of the case of an amount not exceeding 40 euros or if you are at a higher price the thing at the time of withdrawal have not yet paid the consideration or a contractually agreed part payment. Otherwise, the return is free for you.

The provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB) in its newest version apply.

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